Allergen Surface Swabbing Kit


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The BioFront Technologies Surface Swabbing Kit is designed for use with MonoTrace Food Allergen ELISA Kits or lateral flow devices (LFDs).


The Surface Swabbing Kit has been developed to recover protein from surfaces for downstream ELISA or lateral flow device testing. The solution provided with the kit has been formulated to enhance sample recovery and be safe to use on surfaces where food may be stored, prepared and packaged. Careful consideration should be given when performing these tests and interpreting the results:

Swab testing results are typically considered qualitative (i.e., "positive" or "negative," based on a user-defined threshold) for the presence of an allergen.

Numerous factors, such as the presence of cleaning chemicals, can influence swabbing efficiency and potentially limit the user's ability to obtain quantitative measurements. The operator should ensure that their hands and clothing are not contaminated before swabbing the surface. The use of gloves and other personal protection equipment is recommended.

Moistened swabs are recommended to recover proteins from dry surfaces.


The swab vial can serve as a convenient extraction container. Extraction buffer can be simply added to the swab-collected sample within the vial, capped, and extracted according to the MonoTrace ELISA instructions.

When proper considerations are given and the recommended surface swabbing procedure followed, this method has been proven to recover as little as 1 microgram of protein.


This kit should stored at room temperature (20-25oC / 68-77oF).


10 X sterile swabs
10 X extraction vials containing swab wetting solution