Reference Materials (RMs) are also available from Fapas for some analyte/matrix combinations. RMs have a much higher degree of characterisation than PT or QC materials with a defined chain of traceability. RMs undergo formal stability testing for both short-term and long-term applications. RMs have an associated datasheet which lists the reference values and their expanded uncertainty U. The value of U is not a performance limit but is the uncertainty relating to the reference value. RMs therefore have a greater degree of trust in their values and can be used for method calibration purposes. Fapas RMs are generated according to the principles of ISO Guide 34.

Uses and Properties of Reference Materials:

  • Provides a measure of accuracy
  • Reference values provided with uncertainty limits, independently of laboratory performance
  • Can be used for method validation or verification
  • Have a high degree of trust, enhancing confidence
  • Can be used to troubleshoot PT performance, generate control charts and for staff training
  • Stability fully characterised for long-term availability
  • Can be used for calibration purposes, including value assignment to other materials
  • Available only once fully characterized by Fapas
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