Analysts world wide have recognized the value of FAPAS test materials for laboratory internal quality control.

FAPAS test materials are an economical tool for staff training and appraisal and assessing method performance. Combining their use with participation in FAPAS proficiency tests provides good evidence of internal and external quality control assessment, which may be required by accreditation bodies.

Quality Control materials are currently only available for food chemistry matrices.

FAPAS quality control test materials are real food matrices with one or more properties that have been sufficiently well established from the results of laboratories participating in proficiency tests to be used by laboratories as quality control materials.

The values have been derived as a consensus of a number of laboratories using a variety of methods. The satisfactory range indicates the range between which results would have been awarded a satisfactory z-score in the proficiency test. The satisfactory range is set as a range that is considered fit for purpose and reflects the expected interlaboratory reproducibility.