10X Multi-Kit Extraction Buffer

ITEM # MK-EX-600

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For use with the majority of BioFront's MonoTrace ELISA Kits. Our proprietary multi-kit extraction buffer is uniquely designed to help solubilize a variety of target proteins. A single extraction step, using our Multi-Kit Extraction Buffer, can provide the material to run the following assays:

  • MonoTrace Almond
  • MonoTrace Buckwheat
  • MonoTrace Brazil Nut
  • MonoTrace Cashew
  • MonoTrace Egg Ovamucoid
  • MonoTrace Hazelnut
  • MonoTrace Lupin (Lupine)
  • MonoTrace Macadamia
  • MonoTrace Mustard
  • MonoTrace Peanut
  • MonoTrace Pine Nut
  • MonoTrace Pistachio
  • MonoTrace Soy (Soya)
  • MonoTrace Walnut

Volume: A total of 600 ml of 10X extraction buffer (6 X 100 ml bottles) are provided.