Anti-GST Monoclonal Antibody (clone GST.B6) 100 ul

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Anti-GST Tag Monoclonal Antibody Clone GST.B6

Catalog No: GST.B6-100

Description: Anti-GST Tag Monoclonal Antibody

Clonality : Monoclonal

Host Species: Mouse

Isotype: IgG2a

Immunogen: GST protein

Specificity: Recognizes native and denatured forms of purified GST or GST fusion proteins

Purification: Protein A affinity chromatography from mouse ascites fluid

Volume: 100 ul

Concentration: 1 ug/ul

Application: Dot, ELISA, IS, IP, WB

Sensitivity: WB (with ECL): 10-50ng of purified GST or GST fusion proteins

  1. 1:5000 (0.2 g/mL) Ab dilution probed against BL-21 bacteria lysate expressing the GST protein

For in vitro research use only