The MonoTrace Advantage

MonoTrace ELISAs incorporate precisely defined sets of monoclonal antibodies targeting major allergenic proteins that may be present in foods or on food contact surfaces. MonoTrace ELISAs provide an unmatched union of specificity and sensitivity in food safety testing by incorporating precisely defined sets of monoclonal antibodies optimized to detect major food processing-resistant allergens while minimizing cross-reactivity and food matrix interference.

Experience the MonoTrace Advantage
  • Target major food processing-resistant allergens
  • Reduce cross-reactivity
  • Reduce food matrix interference and false positives
  • Perform multiple assays on a single extraction
  • Save setup time (ready-to-use standards)
  • Sensitivity below 1 ppm
  • Fast results (10-minute incubation steps)
  • Available in 48 and 96-well format