10X MonoTrace Gluten Extraction Buffer


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For use with BioFront's MonoTrace Gluten ELISA, the MonoTrace Gluten Extraction Buffer (MGEB) is uniquely designed to help solubilize gliadin found in both processed foods and raw ingredients. This patented non-toxic buffer is used in a simple one-step extraction process and eliminates hazardous waste!

6 X 100 ml bottles of 10X MGEB

Prepare 1X extraction buffer (MGEB) by diluting the concentrated 10X MGEB in 60% ethanol using absolute ethanol (200 proof) and distilled water or equivalent.

For 1L of 1X MGEB:
100 ml of the 10X MGEB
600 ml of absolute ethanol
300 ml distilled water
Unused 1X MGEB can be stored refrigerated (2-8 C) for up to 1 month and should be equilibrated to RT prior to use.
If buffer appears cloudy after equilibration to RT, it may be contaminated and should be discarded.

The 10X MonoTrace Gluten Extraction Buffer (MGEB) should refrigerated (2-8 C) and is stable for up to 6 months if unopened.