Human IgG - 5 g


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Description: 5 g Pooled human polyclonal IgG

Volume: 50 ml (100 mg/ml)

Format: 10 x 5 ml vials

Source: Isolated from human patient plasma. Sources tested for HCV, HBSAG, HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLV-I, HTLV-II and found to be negative.

Form: Purified from plasma by cold ethanol fractionation and anion-exchange chromatography yielding a >97% pure protein band (150 kDa) on SDS-PAGE (see below).

Buffer/Composition: PBS pH 7.4; 200 mM glycine, 0.1% sodium azide (NaN3)

Storage: 4oC (avoid freezing)

Applications: Can serve as a positive control and protein standard in various biological assays.

BioFront's Hu-IgG run under non-reduced (N)

and reduced (R) conditions.