HRP-labeled Anti-Zika NS1 Mab

ITEM # BF-1125-36-HRP

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Catalog Number: BF-1125-36-HRP

Conjugation: HRP-conjugated monoclonal antibody BF-1125-36

Isotype: IgG1

Specificity: Zika virus NS1 protein

Origin: Mouse

Buffer/Composition: Conjugate stabilization buffer

Volume: 50 ul conjugated antibody

Antibody Concentration: 1 mg/ml


Short Term (less than 3 months): 4oC

Long Term (up to 1 year): -20oC (avoid repeated freeze/thaw)

Working Dilutions: Western Blot, 1:1000

Shipping: Shipped on ice packs

Figure 1. Immunoprecipitation Assay using BioFront's Anti-ZIKV NS1 MAbs.
Anti-ZIKV NS1 monoclonal antibodies 1125-06, 1125-36 or normal mouse IgG control were coupled to protein A/G sepharose and subsequently incubated with ZIKV-infected SNB-19 (human brain astrocytes) cell lysate. Lysate input (input), antibody-coupled bead flow thru (flow thru), and bead eluates (eluate) were then run on SDS-PAGE, transferred to PVDF, and probed with an HRP-conjugated anti-ZIKV NS1 monoclonal antibody (BF-1125-36-HRP). The majority of the ZIKV NS1 protein was identified in the flow thru when IP was performed withthe mouse IgG control antibody, while BioFront's anti-ZIKV NS1 monoclonals all successfully preciptated the protein from the lysate.